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Kawaii Hydration Water Tracker Stickers

Posted on June 19, 2018 by

Do you also struggle to keep yourself properly hydrated? Some days I only manage to drink 2 glasses of water instead of the recommended 8 cups. I found some kawaii water trackers, that will hopefully help me to drink enough!

Kawaii Water Tracker Stickers

With this kawaii water glass sticker you can track your water intake for the entire week. It’s available as a sticker sheet from A Happy Blue Tree with 8 glasses in total.

Kawaii Water Tracker Stickers

If you’d rather have a hydration tracker for each day, then these happy water bottle stickers will help you out. They come in a set of 9 at Busy Bee Stickers.

Kawaii Water Tracker Stickers

Kate Lauren Design has made a sticker sheet with 32 kawaii water drops. Each sticker lets you monitor your water intake up to 8 glasses.

Kawaii Water Tracker Stickers

These cute planner stickers from Vintage Glam Studio come as a free PDF download. They contain a couple of pastel coloured hydration trackers as well.

Kawaii Water Tracker Stickers

Wild Olive has created a kawaii 8 glasses a day checklist, that you can download for free at her website. You can place the list in plain sight or you could stick it in your planner.

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