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Re-Ment Miniatures Wish List

Posted on May 14, 2018 by

I love seeing all the new Re-Ment Miniatures and thankfully there are so many amazing ones that I can never decide what to buy. Here’s a few on my wish list. They’re all available from multiple shops so I’ll put the links at the end.

Re-Ment Miniatures Sumikko Gurashi country home

I always want every new Sumikko Gurashi Re-ment set and the latest is no different. It’s themed is a nostalgic country house so there’s lots of old-fashioned items that Japanese people might remember from holidays. The Penguin shaved ice machine is incredible and I also love the little stationery set and Neko bag.

Re-Ment Miniatures cat kitchen

These miniatures are not actually by Re-ment (the brand is Epoch) but I’m including it anyway because who can resist a kitty-themed kitchen! Continuing the series, this has some adorable additions with lots of cute details. Hands up who wishes they could buy all this full-sized?

Re-Ment Miniatures Rilakkuma home

 You can buy full-size versions of some of this Rilakkuma furniture in Japan, including the sofa and teapot, but miniatures are a lot more affordable. If you have a dollhouse, these would look so cute inside!

Re-Ment Miniatures Pokemon cord keeper

These Pokemon cord keepers have been doing the rounds on social media and look to be a new craze. I could actually really do with one of these for my bedside table but will probably hold out to see if they release more sets when I’m in Japan. This super cute sleepy set isn’t released until August – if you can’t wait that long, there’s another set coming out in a few weeks.

Re-Ment Miniatures Kirby desserts

And I can’t finish this post without some kawaii food! Kirby’s Twinkle Sweets Time series is full of pastel colours and stars and I would definitely eat at this cafe.

Where to buy Re-Ment miniatures

You can find the Re-Ment sets above online at a few different shops and those listed below all ship worldwide. Most sell individual blind boxes where you don’t know which set is inside. Others will sell a full set where you’ll get one of each.

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