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Kawaii Amuse Plushies at Tokyo Otaku Mode

Posted on April 16, 2018 by

I could look at all the Amuse plushies at Tokyo Otaku Mode for hours! There are so many cute animals, and so many variations. I pretty much love all of them, but here’s a few I managed to pick out.

Kawaii Amuse plushies - Loppy bunny

Pote Usa Loppy is my favourite Amuse character and how can you not love a bunny in a cupcake? There are so many cute details here – the toppings are so sweet with fruit, cream and a chocolate heart.

Kawaii Amuse plushies - pastel unicorn tapir

Tapirs don’t get nearly enough kawaii love and Amuse’s version is so adorable. I love the pastel colours. Unfortunately, this one is currently out of stock but you can ask to be notified when it’s back. Or the unicorn is almost as cute and in stock now.

Kawaii Amuse plushies - unicorn

Unicorn no Cony is new to me but how can I resist those faces? These come in a few pastel colours with stars on their sides, pink blushing cheeks and polka dot ribbons. They’re selling out fast in all sizes so be quick if you want one.

Kawaii Amuse plushies - pometan dogs

These little round Pomeranians can’t walk too far so you can carry them in a bag. They look so fluffy and happy.

Kawaii Amuse plushies - puchimaru pandas

If you’re on a budget, the tiny Puchimaru charms are really affordable and include so many weird and wonderful characters. I really love this rainbow of pandas and they all have different poses and faces.

You can check out all the Amuse plushies at Tokyo Otaku Mode – which is your favourite?

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