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YOU+MORE Kawaii Zakka at Felissimo

Posted on March 5, 2018 by

Amazing Japanese web store Felissimo has a collection called YOU+MORE that is full of limited edition kawaii zakka products for your home, usually featuring cute animals. Here’s some current favourites.

Kawaii Zakka at Felissimo bunny pouches

There’s a lot of cute bunnies for Easter and these fluffy pouches are so adorable! They sit up so realistically that they’d be perfect for people like me who really want a real bunny. You can also pop all your small belongings inside and carry it around in your bag for on the go bunny petting.

Kawaii Zakka at Felissimo bunny

Or would you prefer a bunny you can sit in a mug to watch you work? These are dust cleaners so you can totally justify having kawaii plush on your work desk.

Kawaii Zakka at Felissimo cat bed

There are some incredible products for cat owners – in fact they have a whole neko-bu cat collection. How much do you want this fruit tart cat bed for your cat?

Kawaii Zakka at Felissimo ghost storage

Only in Japan would this be a solution to having more blankets than you have room to store. Squish them inside a cute ghost instead to make a huggable friend! I want the one at the back so much!

Kawaii Zakka at Felissimo Corocorocoronya

You might remember I bought some kawaii cat marshmallows on my last Japan trip. There’s even more available now including strawberry and citrus-filled cats, chocolate-filled bunnies and Corocorocoronya cats! These were to tie in with their recent pop-up cafe and have a sweet white bean filling.

If you’d like to order, Felissimo do ship internationally. However, you often won’t be able to choose the design/colour. If you’re visiting Japan, they often have pop-up shops in department stores.

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