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New Noodoll Plush

Posted on February 26, 2018 by

Noodoll have finally added all their new plushies and it was totally worth the wait!

Noodoll Plush mermaid bunny

My favourites of the plush are the bunny and bear mermaids, Ricebombshell and Ricesplash. They’re so cute and I love the pastel colours.

Noodoll Plush beetroot

Having said that, I think my first purchase will have to be another friend from Ricetown Market to hang out with my pear and carrot. Ricebeet is just hilarious and I love the garlic too.

Noodoll Plush polar bear

Some older characters have been given the luxe treatment with extra fluffy fur. How soft does Riceberg look?

Noodoll Plush bunny blanket

If you’ve got any new babies to buy for, there are some very sweet mobiles and blankets available. I would quite happily use one of these as a rug too.

There’s lots more too so check out the Noodoll shop. I also really really recommend following Noodoll on Instagram and subscribing to their Noosletter as both are amazing.

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