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Tofu Cute New Website Offers

Posted on January 31, 2018 by

Our friends at Tofu Cute have just launched a super cute new website and there’s lots of great offers to celebrate.

tofu cute website

How fun does all this sound?

  • February 1st–2nd ~ Valentine’s Snack Fest!
  • 3rd–4th ~ Super Squishy Weekend!
  • 5th–6th ~ AMUSE Giant Plush Crisis!
  • 7th–8th ~ Re-Ment Collecting Time!
  • 9th–10th ~ Lucky Bag Bonus Bonanza!
  • 11th–12th ~ Year of The Dog Celebration!

Since Tofu Cute sell all my favourite things and have special prices for Tofu Tomodachi card holders (available for just 50p today!), I will definitely be placing an order (or two…) Here’s what’s on my wish list.

tofu cute sumikko gurashi rement

Obviously, I went straight for the Re-Ment miniatures. How am I supposed to choose between the Sumikko Gurashi Patisserie and Farm sets?

tofu cute ice cream kit kat

I always stock up on my favourite Pocky sticks but Tofu Cute also have an incredible range of Japanese Kit Kats. This is bakeable Ice Cream flavour – whaaat?!

tofu cute kawaii amuse plushies

Tofu Cute are an official AMUSE retailer so you’ll always find the cutest new authentic plush. Usually, I would go for bunnies but giant fruit hamsters have to be seriously considered. There’s smaller plushies too.

tofu cute amuse puchimaru plushies

I also love the little Puchimaru plush charms. These Yokai Japanese spirits and demons are definitely a bit strange but I really love that grey wall for some reason.

There’s plenty more to buy too and Tofu Cute ship worldwide so follow their Instagram or Facebook for updates on all the offers.

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