San-X Japan Sumikko Gurashi Review

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Sumikko Gurashi are my favourite kawaii characters and I love seeing all the new products. I wasn’t able to find the limited edition Tokage (real) plush before it sold out so finally I gave in and worked out how to order from the San-X Japan shop.

Sumikko Gurashi San-X Japan review

They don’t ship internationally so I used Tenso, a forwarding service. I’ll have a post about how to set that up later this week – here it is! – but let’s see what I bought.

Sumikko Gurashi San-X Japan review

Firstly, look how adorable the parcel was! Japan is all about the packaging and it’s quite usual for shops to notice what you’re ordering and give you a special themed bag. I bet if I’d ordered Rilakkuma products, it would have been a Rilakkuma design.

Sumikko Gurashi San-X Japan review

Shirokuma mini Christmas plush

I have quite a few festive plushies so always happy to add another. Shirokuma is my favourite of the main sumikkos – look at his little anxious paws! He looks super cute in a Christmas tree outfit complete with pom poms and sparkly stars. I really want a hat like that.

Sumikko Gurashi San-X Japan review

Apple House plush

Since Tokage was sold out, I wasn’t going to miss my chance at the apple house. It’s a bit floppy and won’t really hold its shape but once you squeeze in a Sumikko it looks great. Obake is living in here now, no doubt keeping it clean and tidy.

Sumikko Gurashi San-X Japan review
Sumikko Gurashi San-X Japan review
Sumikko Gurashi San-X Japan review

Sofa plush

This may be the silliest plush I own but I love it so much. It is literally a plush sofa, perfectly sized for the mini Sumikko plushies to sit on, and complete with Tapioca pillow. The cutest touch is the tiny dust bunny underneath so Hokori looks very happy to be allowed on top of the sofa too.

Sumikko Gurashi San-X Japan review
Sumikko Gurashi San-X Japan review

Yamanote Line drawstring bag and keyring

Everyone who visits Tokyo comes to love the Yamanote Line! This reliable train service runs in a circle around all the major shopping and sightseeing areas so you find yourself looking for the green line all the time. Most of the Sumikko Gurashi collaboration was sold out but I managed to grab a bag for myself and keyring for Nicolette. The minikkos looking out the back window is the cutest thing.

Sumikko Gurashi San-X Japan review

Washi Tape

And I couldn’t resist this set of 3 washi tapes (I gave one to Nicolette) as it was so cheap. The designs are really cute and it’s good quality tape. I’m even managing to use them, to decorate my journal.

I’m so glad I finally made an order and got my hands on all the limited edition items. The only problem is that now I know how easy it is, I’ll be tempted all the time. Check back soon for how to order from all Japan-only online shops with Tenso.

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