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Pusheen Halloween Surprise Plush

Posted on October 9, 2017 by

Pusheen and Halloween are two of my favourite things so I was super excited to hear about the new surprise plush. There’s a Halloween theme this time with Pusheen as a ghost, bat, zombie and more.

Pusheen Halloween Surprise Plush

I found myself ordering three so let’s see what was inside.

Pusheen Halloween Surprise Plush

Look how spooky cute they are! I was lucky to get three of my favourites with Pusheen as a bat, inside a pumpkin and holding a tiny pumpkin. As with all the Gund Pusheen plushies, they’re great quality with lots of cute details. That bat really looks like it’s plotting something evil.

Pusheen Halloween Surprise Plush

The plush include a lobster clasp too so you can hang Pusheen on your bag or use her as a keyring. I gave the bat to Nicolette and the pumpkins are currently sitting on my mantelpiece as part of my Halloween decorations!

Pusheen Halloween Surprise Plush

There are 7 Halloween Pusheens to collect plus a secret one that looks to be Stormy the kitten. If you get any of the others, tag us in your pics so we can see. You can find these plush in lots of stores online and in person including The Pusheen Shop (USA), Claw Grabby Store (NZ), ARTBOX (UK) and Amazon.

Pusheen Halloween t-shirt

And if you really love Halloween, check out the exclusive Pusheen items at The Pusheen Shop including a glow in the dark t-shirt!

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