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nomakenolife Japanese Beauty Subscription Box Review

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nomakenolife (nmnl) is a beauty subscription box from the same people behind YumeTwins and TokyoTreat. ‘Nomakenolife’ is a popular phrase used in Japan by people who believe that makeup is essential to their lives. The box contains 5 – 7 full-sized beauty products in several categories including skin, body, make-up, hair, bath and tools.

nomakenolife beauty subscription box

The box itself has a stylish black design with the text No Make No Life printed on the side an top. It’s quite sturdy and arrived without any dents at my home. Shipping was very fast as well, I received it within a week.

nomakenolife beauty subscription box

Inside the box there’s a booklet with information and instructions on how to use each item. Let’s see what’s inside the October box (volume 9)!

nomakenolife beauty subscription box
nomakenolife beauty subscription box
nomakenolife beauty subscription box

Sweet-Sweets Fruits Tint Lip Serum

This lightly tinted lip serum contains shea butter, honey and raspberry essence. It works as a lip essence, moisturiser, primer, color and gloss. As a lip balm addict I was happy to find this lip serum inside the box. The lip serum look super cute and I enjoy the feeling of it on my lips. It’s not sticky and has a neutral taste.

nomakenolife beauty subscription box

Japanese Pattern Powder Puff

The ‘made in Japan’ powder puff is made with 100% cotton for a soft and gentle touch. I’ve pictured it next to my powder blush to show you how large it is! I normally use a kabuki brush to apply mineral foundation, so I’m curious to see how this puff will work out.

nomakenolife beauty subscription box
nomakenolife beauty subscription box

Sailor Moon Venus Spa Hair Fragrance

Up next is a limited edition Sailor Moon hair fragrance. Each fragrance comes in a misting bottle decorated with art of its respective Guardian and I received the Pink Sailor Mars version! This product also acts as a moisturising hair treatment. It’s made with 21 conditioning ingredients and doesn’t contain silicone or parabens.

I often use a conditioner spray after washing my hair, so I was happy to try it out. To be completely honest I found the scent quite strong and not as natural as I hoped it would be. But I’m very sensitive when it comes to scents, so I might not be the best test case ;)

nomakenolife beauty subscription box

Propolinse Mouthwash

This month’s box was supposed to contain a package of Propolinse Sakura Mouthwash. But due to the manufacturer’s limited availability not all the subscribers could receive it. I received the original Propolinse Mouthwash with a kind apology note.

This alcohol-free mouthwash contains propolis (bee glue) extract and xylitol to rinse away germs and keep your mouth fresh. It’s has both got a fresh menthol and sweet taste at the same time, I’ll certainly keep using this.

nomakenolife beauty subscription box
nomakenolife beauty subscription box

Sugar Skull Art Mask by Pure Smile

This face mask is perfect to pamper your skin before or after Halloween. Or you could put it on during Halloween and give trick-or-treaters a good scare. I love the fact that it even glows in the dark! The sheet mask comes in a black cherry scent and contains nourishing ingredients such as vitamin-e, collagen and herbal extracts.

nomakenolife beauty subscription box

Final verdict

I was very curious to see how the nmnl beauty box would work out for me, as my skin is super sensitive. So I was happy to find a nice variety of items in the box and to discover that I can actually use most of them. Also I think that all of the items would really brighten up my bathroom, I love to add a touch of cute everywhere. The only product that I won’t be using is the Sailor Moon hair fragrance, because the smell is too strong for my taste.

nomakenolife beauty subscription box


nomakenolife boxes start at $29.99 for a one-off box with discounts for longer subscriptions and free tracked shipping worldwide. Subscribers can also enter regular photo contests to score cool and exciting prizes.

You can sign up for November’s nomakenolife box now, which includes a double-duty cleansing lotion rich in honey and sunflower oil.

(This box was provided by nomakenolife for review but all opinions and photographs are my own, except for the first Sailor Moon picture.)

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