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Ita Bags to Display Your Pins and Charms

Posted on June 12, 2017 by

Remember Nicolette’s rucksack from MCM London Comic Con that she filled with cute pins and badges? If you’d like to make one yourself, here’s all the info!

aitai kuji ita bags

Ita Bags have been popular for a while in Japan as a way to display all your cute pins, badges, patches, stickers, charms and keyrings without the risk of losing them. The bags have a clear pocket area that you can use to create your perfect collection display.

aitai kuji ita bags

Aitai Kuji have a big selection in all colours and shapes with some available now and some on pre-order. As well as backpacks, you can choose from messenger bags, tote bags and handbags. I especially love the holographic ones!

aitai kuji ita bags

Aitai Kuji ship worldwide and the bags start at $26 for a tote. If you buy one, we’d love to see what you display – tag us at @sckawaii!

Watch on YouTube

If you’re stuck for ideas, check out Frainy’s video on YouTube.

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