MCM London Comic Con 2017

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MCM London Comic Con

I was a bit overwhelmed by the scale of MCM London Comic Con last year so it was good to spread it out over two days this time.

MCM London Artbox / Tofu Cute

After picking up my pass, I headed straight for the PopAsia area to check out all the kawaii stalls! Tofu Cute and Artbox always have a great range of cute items and they didn’t disappoint. I was very tempted by the Jinbe San plush but just bought a few smaller items instead. I really liked how the gashapon were in separate plastic boxes so I could hunt around for the particular light up Rilakkuma ice cream I wanted!

Kawaii backpack - Tokyo Toys

I loved the backpacks at the Tokyo Toys stall which had a transparent window and panel to display badges – such a great idea! I got a blue one and personalised it with some of my badges and pins.

MCM London - Cakes With Faces / Fuzzballs

It was great to see SCK faves Cakes With Faces and The Fuzzballs again and they both had cool new products to show off including an awesome varsity jacket and cute mugs.

MCM London - Blue Potion / Something Kawaii

Some of my other kawaii faves were Blue Potion with their adorable Zelda, Animal Crossing and Ghibli designs, beautiful artwork by Killer Bunny and cute character shoes by Dragonfly Heels. Something Kawaii! had lots of Neko Atsume items and I also found a new Neko Dango to add to my collection!

webcomic name - Nicolette

I am a huge Webcomic Name fan so my personal highlight of the weekend was meeting the lovely and talented Alex Norris and having him draw me a personalised comic.

Other highlights were having my photo taken with the Master Sword in Korok Forest and seeing all the amazing costumes on show including a motorised King of Red Lions, two Chewbaccas and a whole squadron of storm troopers. Check out the photo album below for more.

Nicolette’s photos from a weekend at the UK’s biggest modern popular culture show!

Posted by Super Cute Kawaii! on Wednesday, 31 May 2017

I had such a fun time at MCM London Comic Con and can’t wait to go back next year! There are more events coming up this year around Europe so look out for one near you.

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