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Re-Ment Miniatures

Posted on April 24, 2017 by

Given an excessive amount of money, I’m pretty sure I would turn into an obsessive collector of Re-Ment miniatures as they’re all so ridiculously cute and tiny. Bit since that’s not the case, here’s some from my wish list.

sumikkogurashi rement

Since Re-Ment miniatures are usually sold as blind boxes, I try only to buy a box when I’d be happy to get any of the sets. Both Nicolette and I couldn’t resist the new Sumikko Gurashi House series and, unbelievably, we both got our top choice! The cleaning ghost is my favourite character, closely followed by the dustball so I love all this so much and would pay quite a lot for a full size ghost brush and dustpan.

The rest of the sets are adorable too and I would have been almost equally happy with the garden set. If you’re a Sumikko fan, try your luck!

rilakkuma rement

Also on my wishlist is this upcoming Rilakkuma British Tea Time series. Being British, this is of course exactly what my life is like (so fancy!) and it’s hard to choose a favourite. Maybe the sewing basket or the tea set?

pikachu rement

If you dream of visiting a cute character cafe in Japan, you can at least have a miniature cafe in your home with the Pikachu no Komorebi Cafe series! This is one I would be tempted to get the whole lot, though I’d need a dollhouse as well for the full effect.

kanahei rement

While miniatures are adorable, they’re not exactly useful (unless you have a display shelf) but luckily Re-Ment also creates sets with phone charms and keyrings. This Kanahei’s Small Animals Snack Mascot set is the cutest, mixing two of my favourite things: bunnies and food!

cat rement

The weirder Re-Ment sets don’t always make it out of Japan but you can still enjoy yourself looking at them at Amazon Japan – use リーメント in the search box. There’s all sorts of unique stuff in there, from the huge Poseable Skeleton range to cats in underpants.

Where to buy Re-Ment

You can find the Re-Ment sets above online at a few different shops and those listed below all ship worldwide. Most sell individual blind boxes, while others will sell a full set where you’ll get one of each.

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    April 24, 2017 at 8:02 pm

    Oooh so cute (^_^)
    I also collect re-ment and almost bought the whole sumikko gurashi house set. I’m glad that you and Nicolette both got some great blind boxes, that ghost is so sweet!

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