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Miki Takei and Pokemon Coloring Books Review

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I recently ordered two coloring books from Japan that are equally cute, so I thought it might be nice to review them both.

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First up is the Colors Make You Happy coloring book, by Miki Takei, You can also find it under the Japanese title: Kawaii Dreamy Fantasy Coloring.

Colors Make You Happy coloring book

On the first couple of pages Miki explains some coloring techniques with photos. This certainly came in handy since I’m not that experienced at coloring yet.

Colors Make You Happy coloring book

The books contains 31 double sided pages with art, so there are 62 pages that you can color in. The pages are medium thick and they handle color pencils well, but I’m almost certain that markers will bleed through.

Colors Make You Happy coloring book

On the pages you’ll find cute animals such as cats, bunnies and unicorns. The art has got a very romantic touch to it and is most suited for soft or pastel colors. The details are great, they are neither too small nor too big.

Colors Make You Happy coloring book

There are also a couple of spreads in the book with girls in a romantic setting. They are so cute! I only fear that it will be difficult to color in close to the seam of the book.

Colors Make You Happy is available at CD Japan. I can highly recommend the book and look forward to coloring more pages.

Pokemon Coloring Book

The Pokemon Coloring Book was something that I just had to buy, being an avid Pokemon Go player (^_^). The great thing about this book is that it’s really aimed at adults; there are plenty of details in the drawings.

The first and last (glossy) pages of the book show sample images, that you can use as reference or as postcards. The Pokemon book contains 24 pages to color in, with one large spread in the middle. So it’s smaller and thinner than the Miki Takei book, but that does make it easier to flatten the pages. The paper is also medium thick and suited for pencils.

Pokemon Coloring Book

My photos don’t really do justice to the artwork, which is very nice and subtle. It shows Pokemon in their natural habitat, but also at the circus and surrounded by frilly kawaii items.

The Pokemon Coloring Book is available from Amazon Japan.

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