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We all love the kawaii plush characters from Amuse so I jumped at the chance to review more from Tokyo Otaku Mode.

tokyo otaku mode

A short time later I received a big box containing a giant Loppy bunny and a standard Feru ferret!

tokyo otaku mode

If I was to make a list of kawaii animals, ferrets would have been nowhere near the top, but I might have to change my mind as this one is adorable! It sits up by itself and has a fluffy ruff, pink paw pads and is holding a clover leaf.

tokyo otaku mode

Look how fluffy it is! Don’t you just want to hug your screen? All the details are really sweet with blush cheeks, embroidered mouth and fabric nose.

amuse ferret no mori

I think Feru is the cutest one out of this ferret series but there are four to choose from and they’re currently on sale.

tokyo otaku mode

On to the big one! I picked Milk Tea-chan, a light brown and white coloured Loppy bunny with a slightly anxious expression, tugging on one ear.

tokyo otaku mode

When I first opened the box, it was easy to imagine the journey from Japan had been a bit too much for it. It’s so sweet though and would be a great comfort to anyone that often feels anxious and worried – Milk Tea-chan understands!

tokyo otaku mode

The size is perfect for hugging and the plush is very soft and fluffy with cute details on the paws and face, a round tail and huge eyes.

tokyo otaku mode

Here’s how big they are! There are 3 Pote Usa Loppys in this series to choose from and I love the one eating a carrot too. They’re currently on sale at Tokyo Otaku Mode with free shipping for first time customers!

tokyo otaku mode

Tokyo Otaku Mode only sell official licensed Amuse plush so you know you’ll get a high quality, tagged plush.

Look out for offers too – current ones include $10 off your first order over $50, free worldwide shipping on orders over $150 and lots of free bonus gifts and discounts for individual products.

(Plush were provided for review by Tokyo Otaku Mode but this is my honest review and the photos are my own, except for the series images)

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