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Reader Survey Results & Giveaway Winners

Posted on October 26, 2016 by

Big thanks to everyone who filled out our Reader Survey! It’s great to hear all your thoughts and we’ll be poring over the details soon to help us plan things for next year. Here’s a few things I noticed.


It used to be that our readers were split pretty equally between the USA and UK/EU with smaller percentages in other regions, but now over half our readers are in the US! We already mostly feature shops and giveaways that ship worldwide, but we’ll make sure it stays that way.


Since MissMuffcake started posting her pets picks, I was interested to see how many of you have pets. I’m glad you all went into so much detail as it was really fun reading all their names! Cats are the most popular, but only just, and you have a huge range of different pets from parrots to snails. We’ll see if we can find some fun products for all of you in future.

With content, your top picks to see more of were tutorials/things to make, sales & discounts, visits to events/shops/animal cafes, big name kawaii characters and visiting Japan. We’re already hiring a new craft writer and will keep the others in mind as we plan posts.

Anyway, the giveaway winners! I’ve picked two email addresses at random and they’ve been contacted so check your inboxes.

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