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Japan Funbox Subscription Box Review

Posted on August 10, 2016 by

japan funbox review

I was really pleased to receive the Japan Funbox to review as I’ve always wanted to try a subscription box but being vegetarian makes it difficult.

japan funbox

I received the Mini box which had 6 items: Alfort chocolate, Whistle Candy, Tomato Pretz, Ume-pachi, Calbee Pizza potato crisps and Shuwabo candy. The box came with a sheet explaining the items in English but with no nutritional information or ingredients so I had to use the Google translate app on the packaging to find out if I could eat them! There were a couple of things that weren’t suitable for vegetarians so I asked my friend Sara to review them for me.

japan funbox

Alfort were small squares of biscuit with a thick layer of milk chocolate. They were very tasty and I would buy them again.

japan funbox

The grape flavour of the Whistle Candy was quite pleasant but the sweets were a bit chalky. The best thing about this is if you hold it between your teeth you can whistle really loudly! There’s 8 of them in a pack plus a small plastic toy so good value.

japan funbox

I’ve had Pretz before and very much enjoy these thin crunchy sticks. The tomato flavour ones taste like pizza and they come in 2 sealed packs so you don’t have to eat them all at once.

japan funbox

Ume-patchi is sour plum flavour popping candy. It was fun to have the popping sensation in my mouth but I wasn’t too keen on the salty-sour flavour. I picked out some pieces of the plum candy and they were really nice in their own.

japan funbox

 I was really looking forward to trying these Calbee Pizza Crisps so was disappointed to find out they weren’t veggie. My friend Sara tested them for me and she gave them 10/10. She absolutely loved the cheesy pepperoni pizza flavour and the light, crunchy texture of the crisps.

japan funbox

This long chewy Shuwabo sweet had gelatine in so were tested by Sara. She found the texture quite hard, like Chewits. She enjoyed how the sherbet inside changed the orange flavoured chew into a sour fizzy taste.

japan funbox

Overall, I thought the box had a good mix of sweet and savoury snacks and I enjoyed trying things I wouldn’t normally buy. The Original and Family boxes have a lot more items and this month included a Popin Cookin candy kit, ‘strange gum’, Ramune candy and melon candy floss.

The mini box costs $14.99 per month with free shipping everywhere and there are two larger sizes available with guaranteed candy kits and special items (drink, toy etc.). Visit the Japan Funbox site to subscribe, find out more or view past boxes.

Not sure which subscription box is best for you? Check out our guide!

(Box was provided for review by Japan Funbox but this is my honest review and the photos are my own)

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