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Kawaii Avocados

Posted on July 12, 2016 by

There’s something about food with faces that just makes me very happy. Especially when it involves fruit such as strawberries and avocados. Let’s meet some of the cutest avocados out there ^_^

pony people

The Avocatdo enamel pin from Pony People would look purrrfect on your jacket or bag.


Share this kawaii avocado necklace from Clay Creations For Ever with your best friend, or keep both parts to yourself if you are feeling hungry.

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Or make your own avocado friendship necklace out of polymer clay, with a little help of aCupOfcakeTV.


How sweet is this wool felted avocado pair? MANOONI only list these once in a while so check regularly.


Say congratulations in a special way, by sending a ‘Bravocado!’ card. from Bee is for Bear.

:tez photo:

Picture yourself munching on a bunch of nachos while wearing this Holy Guacamole t-shirt, available on lots of styles at Zazzle.

P.S. I just discovered how simple it is to make guacamole and that you can mash the avocado(s) by just using a fork. I can recommend this recipe if you’d like to make it as well.

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