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Design Festa Tokyo Part 2

Posted on July 22, 2016 by

Here’s some more cute makers from the Design Festa event I visited in Japan. If you missed my first post, go read that.

crown macaron - design festa

Deco sweets are still hugely popular in Japan and that was one of the biggest themes I saw (the other was cats!). Crown Macaron had one of the cutest stalls with lots of seal themed sweets charms and accessories.

maruyama toubou

The thing I most regret not buying is one of Maruyama Toubou‘s handmade pandas. There were mugs, bowls and more and each one has a different placement of paws to make them unique. It was too fragile to risk but I still wish I had one.


I wish that illustrator Zacky had brought more things but he only had a small spot. I love his style so much but there wasn’t a lot to buy, especially featuring my favourite, the ghost. He mostly designs LINE stickers and they’re all amazing.


Such cute paintings by Pikaderi who you can follow on Tumblr. There are few things cuter than animals and food together.

Nozi Noziko

And more cute illustration, from Nozi Noziko. Always nice to see some kawaii axolotls!

Design Festa takes place every May and November in Tokyo so if you have the chance to visit, it’s definitely worth it. I planned my trip around it as there’s always so much cute stuff to see. There’s also a Design Festa gallery in Harajuku that’s open all year round and has rotating exhibitions from artists and makers.

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