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Peropon Self Watering Planters

Posted on June 8, 2016 by

peropon planters

I saw so many cute things in Japan, but one that really made me laugh were these Peropon self watering planters. We’ve featured the Shippon and Chuppon planters before* but these are even more fun with their long pink tongues to slurp up water as required.

peropon planters

The planters come in multiple sizes so you can keep a tiny one on your desk, or display bigger ones around your home. There are four cute animals to choose from, each with their own type of seeds, I really wanted a panda but they were all sold out of the smallest size.

peropon planters

If you’re heading to Japan, you can pick up all sizes in person at Tokyu Hands stores nationwide. The smallest ones are also available online from a few places including Firebox, Giant Robot and Amazon. Best of all, I brought back a cat for our upcoming Japan giveaway so look out for that!

* and I know I promised to try mine out in the Spring, but I have turned my home inside out and I cannot find them. What did I do with them?!

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