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Springtime Sakura

Posted on April 5, 2016 by

In Japan many people celebrate spring by having a picnic party under the blooming cherry trees, also known as a Hanami party. If you haven’t got sakura trees near your home, there are still ways to enjoy the pretty blossoms. We’ve picked some cute items for you.


You can crochet a couple of amigurumi sakura flowers with this sweet pattern from PawPawsStudio. Hang them in your garden or room and imagine that you are in a Japanese city park.


J-List offers a lot lot of sakura-themed products, such as this furikake with cherry blossom chips. With this furikake you can easily decorate and spice up your rice for a special Hanami bento.

Tofu Cute

These Hello Kitty sakura fruit sweets come in three flavours and are shaped as little sakura flowers. They are hard to find outside of Japan, but luckily Tofu Cute has got them in stock.


At MadamePaisleys you can find some cute Momo chan kokeshi dolls, who are rocking their kimono with blossoms.


Dress up in style with the maneki neko and sakura pins from PepperAndSoda.

If you’d like to know more about Hanami parties, I can recommend this illustrated guide.

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