Rilakkuma Deco Latte Sheets Review

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Ever since the Deco Latte Sheets from Takara were introduced I have been intrigued by them. So when Marceline got us a set of Rilakkuma Deco Latte to review, I couldn’t wait to try it.

Rilakkuma Deco Latte review

Let’s see what the fuss is all about ^_^

Rilakkuma Deco Latte review

The Rilakkuma in Paris package is cute in itself and comes with instructions at the back.

Rilakkuma Deco Latte review

Inside the package you’ll find a tray with 5 Deco Latte sheets packed together in plastic.

Rilakkuma Deco Latte review

These are all the Rilakkuma designs that I got in set B. As you can see the sheets come with either a brown or cream background. I believe that you’d best use the cream coloured ones with hot milk.

Rilakkuma Deco Latte review

The prints weren’t as clear as I expected and came with some blurred spots. In the end this wasn’t really a problem though, because it made the Deco Latte look more authentic, so maybe this design is intentional.

Rilakkuma Deco Latte review

To begin the Deco Latte experiment I searched for a cup that was about the same size as the sheet, luckily I had just the right one at home. The next step is to pour some hot drink, like tea, milk or coffee into your cup. You can lift the sheet by the tiny cut at the side and gently place it onto your drink. The sheet curled up a little near the edges and I used a tea spoon to gently push it back down.

Rilakkuma Deco Latte review

At first the Deco Latte looked very plastic, but it slowly blended into my drink. My coffee had a little layer of cream at the top and the bubbles shone nicely through the sheet. I think the outcome looks lovely.

The sheet smells like vanilla (yum), but it doesn’t seem to interfere with the taste of your drink. After I was done taking pictures, I decided to take a sip. Big mistake, because I ended up with a piece of deco sheet getting stuck to my lips… I then stirred it into the coffee, and as you can see it’s very sturdy at first.

Rilakkuma Deco Latte review

When I took another sip there were all these pieces of Rilakkuma swimming in my drink. BUT the trick is to wait, after a couple of minutes it did complete dissolve. So my advice is to stir the sheet into your drink – while it’s still hot – and wait a little until you drink it.

Rilakkuma Deco Latte review

All in all I really enjoyed the experience. The Deco Latte does nothing for the taste of your drink, but it is great eye-candy. On top of that you can easily fake barista skills and impress your friends with it.

(This is not a sponsored review – Deco Latte sheets were purchased with our own money!)

Updated 2021: Deco Latte products are no longer available.

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