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Posted on February 25, 2016 by

We’ve had so much cute stuff to post about that the SCK submissions folder has been neglected. I’m going to start picking out a few favourites every month so here’s the first batch with lots of exclusive discounts too.


If you need a little bit of luck and support, you could pick up a cute totem from Le Animalé. Each animal is handmade and signed with details of its stats for improving your mood. There’s everything from cats and dogs to raccoons and sloths plus more are added regularly. SCK readers can get 10% off any order with the code supercutekawaii.

judith chen art

Judith Chen makes cute amigurumi including bunnies, bears and mercats! This one is a bag charm so you can carry it around at all times. SCK readers get 15% off all orders until March 10th with the code SCK15.

velvet volcano

Velvet Volcano make kawaii sparkly jewellery and colourful accessories with a little bit of spooky cute mixed in too. SCK readers can get 10% off everything (except gift sets) until April 17th with the code KAWAII10.


Fruit bats are a real thing, but sadly they’re not as cute in real life as the ones at Magpie’s Masquerie! This is a Kiwi bat but you’ll also find watermelon, strawberry, banana and more.


And finally, Roany’s sell cute plush and video game collectibles including Pokemon, Pusheen, Sailor Moon and more. I love this Mamegoma sailor plush.

Are you cute shop owner or maker? Why not submit your shop and we might feature you next month!

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