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Modes4U Kawaii Squishies Review

Posted on February 11, 2016 by

We know you love squishies so Modes4u sent over a package of kawaii squishies for me to review. Want a look?


Modes4u are based in Hong Kong but my parcel arrived quite quickly in a week or so, and everything was packaged inside this cute carrier bag.

modes4u squishies

Here’s what was inside! We went with a food theme so I got a Korilakkuma ice cream, a Mint chocolate and berry ice cream, a Pom Pom Purin pudding and a Hello Kitty donut! They all came well packaged with tags and were in perfect condition.

modes4u squishies

Let’s start with my favourite. The Pom Pom Purin pudding is adorable, mixing the pudding dog character with a creme caramel, plus some fruit and cream on top. It’s a pretty squishy so great for a backpack, though it also comes with a headphone jack connector so you can attach it to your phone or Nintendo DS.

modes4u squishies

Back view! This is the most expensive squishy at around £6/$9 but it’s excellent quality and super duper cute, plus the headphone jack is removable so you can also use that for another charm.

modes4u squishies

Who could resist the combination of Rilakkuma and ice cream? This double scoop squishy features Korilakkuma topped with cream and cherry.

modes4u squishies

This is really detailed with lots of texture in the ice cream and wafer cone. It looks pretty realistic! The pink coloured ball chain is a nice touch too.

modes4u squishies

More ice cream from Cafe de N! Modes4u have a whole range of realistic food squishies with everything from cupcakes to bagels. This Mint chocolate and berry ice cream has some great bright colours and a fun splattering of toppings.

modes4u squishies

The most impressive squishy of the lot is this Hello Kitty donut, which is covered in multi-coloured sprinkles! The sprinkles are only attached at the ends so it makes a really cool texture. There’s also lots of pink icing and her trademark red bow.

modes4u squishies

The back view lets you see the kitty head shape better. This is a smaller charm so great for your phone or bag.

And the big question – how squishy are they?

SQUIIIIIIISH! I call that super squishy.

You can also view videos of each squishy charm on their product pages.  Check out all the kawaii squishies at Modes4u. Prices range from around £1.50/$2 t0 £6/$9 with quite a few on sale just now.

(Products were provided by Modes4u for review but these are my honest opinions and all photos are my own)

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    Nancy Chay
    February 16, 2016 at 4:05 am

    The pompom purin squishy is my favorite too! :) I love squishies bc they’re cute and therapeutic (you can squeeze them when you’re angry or stressed lol)

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