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Siro’s Funny Animals Ceramics

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Despite being a cat person I love small dogs such as Pomeranians and Chihuahuas. Mix that with a tendency to hoard cute kitchenware and you’ll understand why I really like Siro’s Funny Animals. Siro makes ceramic ornaments and tableware shaped as kawaii animals.

Siro's Funny Animals
Siro's Funny Animals
Siro's Funny Animals
Siro's Funny Animals
Siro's Funny Animals

At Siro’s Etsy shop you’ll find many Shiba Inu (a Japanese small dog) ceramics, such as plates, bowls and figurines. But you should also have a look if you’re a cat lover, because he recently added the cutest cat vases. And if you’ve got some money to spare, you can even ask Siro for a custom-made ceramic animal.

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  1. Clarice avatar

    lol I wonder if this was posted because I nominated this Etsy shop for Kawaii designer/maker for the SCK Awards ? ^.^ I love this shop, may be ordering soon !!

    1. Marceline avatar

      Natasja wrote this post and I’m the only one that sees the nominations so you both just have great taste in cute shops! I’ll definitely be checking out the nominations for cute stuff to post about later though :)

      1. Clarice avatar

        Oh, that is funny and sweet !! This is a lovely site as all of the writers have such a passion for all things cute and always post great products. Thank you both !! :)

  2. Natasja avatar

    Ahw, thank you very much Clarice and Marceline!
    Clarice I just recently found out about the Siro’s Animal Shop, while browsing Etsy and instantly liked his creations. What is your favourite item from the shop?

    1. Clarice avatar

      Hello ! I just noticed your reply now and would have to say my favorite item is very difficult to choose! :) But I am deciding between the Shiba Inu figurines called “Shiba balls” or the single-flower Shiba Inu vase, both which are currently out of stock :( I believe he restocks often though! I actually own a Shiba Inu so this is why I instantly fell in love with this shop! I am curious, your favorite item? :)

      1. Natasja avatar

        Hi Clarice, it’s great that you actually own a Shiba Inu dog! I hope you can order the vase or figurines in the near future ^_^ My favourite item is the ‘The small bowl of Shiba Inu type’ as pictured in this post, I really like the shapes of this bowl and the slightly bended paws.

        1. Clarice avatar

          A lovely choice indeed! The tiny bowl is so sweet ^.^ Have a nice day today! :)

  3. Nancy Chay avatar
    Nancy Chay

    Awww the dogs are really cute! ^_^ I can’t wait to see what creations he comes up with next

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