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Cute Printable Lucky Money Envelopes

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Not too long from now – on February 8 – the Lunar New Year will be celebrated. During the celebrations it’s a custom to give children red packets or small decorated envelopes (pochi-bukuro) with money, as a way to share your blessings. Those money envelopes come in many colours and shapes and I’ve picked a few cute ones that you can print for free. And if you don’t celebrate the Lunar New Year, you could also use them to wrap money for birthdays or weddings.

Morishita Manami

Morishita Manami has been illustrating cute pochi envelopes for the last 5 years, you can download the free (pdf) printables at her website.

KF Studio

2016 will be the year of the Monkey, so you’ll find them on many prints, such as these kawaii envelopes from KF Studio.


Megurin has got a nice selection of cute printable money envelopes with dogs and hamsters, which you can use all year round.


Akinko and Sanpo Doh both share some money packets for you to make. And if you’re looking for more variations you can also check out the Japanese Canon website.

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