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We’ve talked about doing some kind of kawaii awards for years, and I thought we should finally just do it. We have lots of big plans for this, but for this year let’s keep it small and easy.

SCK Awards

VOTING IS NOW CLOSED. The winners will be announced in a week or two.

Just CLICK HERE TO VOTE for your favourite character, brand, shop, website, maker, blog, YouTube channel, event and person! You only get to vote once in each category so have a good think first.


We’ll send a prize to two random voters as well to thank you all for being awesome readers and commenters this year. Just leave a comment below including the following:

1. I VOTED! (please do actually vote – we want your votes!)
2. What was your favourite kawaii item you bought or were gifted in 2014?

We’ll pick two winners and send them a prize pack including SCK swag and something cute from the sales. UPDATE: One prize pack includes a big 16cm pink Alpacasso plush and the other includes a small Alpacasso keyring plush.

Voting and giveaway ends in January – we’ll post a reminder and final closing date when we’re back in the New Year. Have fun!

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  1. Jennifer Ladd avatar
    Jennifer Ladd

    I voted! My favorite kawaii item was a kokeshi key chain that my 7-year-old daughter bought for me for my birthday.

  2. Fernanda avatar

    I VOTED!
    My favorite kawaii item was a plushie keychain, it ws a gift :3

  3. maureen avatar

    i voted!! ♡
    my favorite kawaii item is probably my big korohamu plush!!

  4. Sunny avatar

    I Vote
    Favorite Kawaii thing was this little pig my son gave me.

  5. Ching avatar

    I Voted! I bought a lot of cute stuff in 2014, but it’s probably a tie between my 60cm tall baby alpacasso or large white pearl Pote Usa Loppy plushie. They’re both just so huggable!

  6. kins3i avatar

    I voted :3

    My favourite item from your shop are stickers with pandas. I love them and I use them only on special occasions.

  7. Vallie avatar

    I VOTED!
    2. I got a Kuromi keychain and pencils at a Sanrio store. Super cute!

  8. Natalie Brown avatar
    Natalie Brown

    I Voted! My favorite Kawaii items I’ve received this year was a goth style Hello Kitty ring. She’s wearing the cutest plaid outfit and has pink hair. Also, the gifts I get each month in my subscription box. They’re always super fun!

  9. Cerridwen avatar

    1. I voted :)
    2. My favorite kawaii item of 2014 was the adorable pink bunny kigurumi my boyfriend got me for Christmas. It’s so warm and fleecy and even has feetie grips so you don’t slip about!

  10. Heidi avatar

    1) Votede! ♪
    2) I think I should choose my kawaii box subscription, so many pretty things came to my house! *0*

  11. Kya avatar

    1. I VOTED!
    2. It would have to be the sheep calendar from Blippo that was included in the Kawaii box for.. December I think. I really adore it so much. :D

  12. Abby avatar

    I voted \ ^ ~ ^ /
    The most kawaii thing I bought was a panda kigurumi :3 I got it from a kigu store and I’m in-love. Who needs a boyfriend when I got a panda kigu?! ❤️❤️❤️

  13. brandy harvey avatar
    brandy harvey

    I voted! I loooveee the panda pocky! It was so fabulous and delicious, and I’m definately addicted! It had little undies on the back of the box! Omg, soo cute! <3

  14. Kayla~ avatar

    I voted~!
    My favorite kawaii item I bought in 2014 was a bunch of super cute pencils and pens~

  15. Sam avatar

    I VOTED!
    My favourite Kawaii item in 2014 I brought myself as a pair of Hello Kitty glasses <3

  16. Pearl avatar

    I got a purple Pusheen keychaine,from my best friend, which I absolutly love.

  17. Cassie avatar

    I Voted! My favorite kawaii thing i got this year was a pair of earrings i got from my friend for Xmas, they were heart shaped sushi pieces

  18. Vennessa avatar

    I VOTED!
    My friend made me a handmade felt bear wearing a hat and scarf holding a ball of yarn and knitting needles because I like to knit.

  19. Suyapa avatar

    I VOTED. My favourite item I bought in 2014 were my first summiko gurashi memo pad.

  20. Kristin Pinkham avatar
    Kristin Pinkham

    I VOTED! My favorite item that I obtained this year is my Astronaut Korilakkuma Plushie!! I’ve had my eyes set on it ever since the release of the series. I love her little pink suit and holographic helmet. :) All of it is just perfect in every way!!

  21. Krafty hours avatar
    Krafty hours

    Sadly, i wasnt able to vote beacuse i read the message a few day later i recived it but my faviroute kawaii thing was a kawaii pen which is designed as milk its so cute!!!
    If i was able to vote i would vote you (Maybe i can enter the giveaway)? If not its ok i understand ! :)

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