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We’ve talked about doing some kind of kawaii awards for years, and I thought we should finally just do it. We have lots of big plans for this, but for this year let’s keep it small and easy.

SCK Awards

VOTING IS NOW CLOSED. The winners will be announced in a week or two.

Just CLICK HERE TO VOTE for your favourite character, brand, shop, website, maker, blog, YouTube channel, event and person! You only get to vote once in each category so have a good think first.


We’ll send a prize to two random voters as well to thank you all for being awesome readers and commenters this year. Just leave a comment below including the following:

1. I VOTED! (please do actually vote – we want your votes!)
2. What was your favourite kawaii item you bought or were gifted in 2014?

We’ll pick two winners and send them a prize pack including SCK swag and something cute from the sales. UPDATE: One prize pack includes a big 16cm pink Alpacasso plush and the other includes a small Alpacasso keyring plush.

Voting and giveaway ends in January – we’ll post a reminder and final closing date when we’re back in the New Year. Have fun!

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  1. Veronica Flores avatar
    Veronica Flores

    I voted :) My favorite kawaii thing I bought this year was the kawaii box from SuperKawaiiPop! It also got me into snail mailing and started buying kawaii stationery from AlwayzzzKawaii on etsy.

  2. marceline judith avatar
    marceline judith

    I already voted :) I got lots of kawaii stuffs from blackoutdoll this year :) you can order customized kawaii or goth loli from her. I got a customized decoden box with a sailor moon theme and a goth loli tshirt with corset lace on the back! :) Also got some kawaii accessories and charms from her shop. its

  3. SugarPopCrochet avatar

    I VOTED! And I bought a plush Pusheen from Hey, Chicadee! He sits on my crochet table and presides over all of the work that I do! Pusheen the Presider!

  4. KittyKat2233 avatar

    I VOTED! :) My favorite kawaii thing i bought this year was a copy of twinkiechan’s super cute crochet patterns.

  5. Pauleen Potter avatar
    Pauleen Potter

    I VOTED!
    My favourite kawaii item from 2014 is a chibi Sailor Moon plush doll I bought back in July ^_^

  6. Under My Parasol avatar
    Under My Parasol

    I VOTED!
    ♥ My favorite kawaii item I got was the Popin’ Cookin’ Cake Decoration Kit. With it, you could create a mini edible vanilla cake and decorate it. It was mega fun to make and super yummy! ♥

  7. Sushma avatar

    I VOTED!
    My favourite kawaii item is the large totoro plush my sister gave me early this year.

  8. Raven avatar

    I VOTED!

    My favorite kawaii item I received this year is my hello kitty vintage tea party clock!

  9. Ruby Poustie avatar
    Ruby Poustie

    I VOTED! My fave kawii object this year was definitely my popcorn pillow from mymimi’s etsy store! :) GOOOOO KAWII!

  10. Blue Eyed Night Owl avatar
    Blue Eyed Night Owl

    I VOTED! And I got a KawaiiBox a few months ago, and loved it! Especially the little fluffy cat charm :)

  11. banyaz avatar

    I VOTED!!My favourite kawaii gift is two bunny macaroons I received on my birthday:) SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!I could not bear to eat them!

  12. Bec avatar

    I voted. I would say my favourite gift was some stickers I bought a while back :)

  13. Jennifer Truong avatar
    Jennifer Truong

    I VOTED! My most favorite kawaii gift of 2014 is a super cute Domo plush! ^-^

  14. Shara avatar

    I voted! My favorite kawaii gift of 2014 would probably be my tiny violin. It’s the size of my hand!

  15. Laura Herrera avatar
    Laura Herrera

    I VOTED!! My fave kawaii gift of 2014 would have to be this aborable Korean Phone Charm that i was given by a groupp of visiting KOreans at our school pep assembly, I honestly almost cried cx <3

  16. Ester avatar

    I voted!!
    my dad gave my for my Bday an Alpacano!! the biggest, her name is Silvia and she is white with a littel pink hat and a pink ribbon, she is totaly kawaii!! \(^_^*)/

  17. Dan Thirlby avatar
    Dan Thirlby

    I voted!
    My favourite Kawaii item I bought was a neumenko cat plush!
    It’s sooooo soft :)

  18. Sammie avatar

    I VOTED! I got a popin cookin and now I’m hooked! I love Popin Cookins soooo much now! And BTW, PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK :) love you guys!

  19. taquito! avatar

    I VOTED!A kawaii item i got was a kawaii marshmellow necklace

  20. Lara avatar

    I voted! My favourite gift was my Moomin make-up bag! It’s practical, yet super cute

  21. daire avatar

    I VOTED! last year I got an alpaccas plush from my boyfriend. ^^

  22. Iskan Detia Karina avatar
    Iskan Detia Karina

    I VOTED! My most favourite kawaii things that I bought last year were these really adorable Hello Kitty food picks and these adorable kawaii silicone molds that I bought from a 100 yen shop in my country even though it is not a specific kawaii characters though and my dearest uncle bought me Hello Kitty Crochet book by Amigurumei, as soon as I read the review on SCK I rushed and begged him to buy me one and I love the book so much even though I don’t know how to crochet yet.

  23. flower avatar

    I got this massive rillakuma plushie!!!

  24. Brigitte Esmeralda avatar
    Brigitte Esmeralda

    I VOTED!!! Last year my dad got me 2 candy kits,2 rilakuma markers and a small rilakuma plush.

  25. Cheska Famatiga avatar
    Cheska Famatiga

    I voted! This year, I got a Totoro wallet, as well as tons and tons of Meiji chocolate products! I also bought myself pink socks with a frilly lace trim on it, and shiny crystal heart earrings! <3

  26. Chickadee avatar

    I VOTED! :)
    It’s a really hard choice between a few items, but if I had to choose only one I think my favorite kawaii item I got in 2014 would be my kigurumi! It’s my first one, and I love it. It gets cold where I live in the winter so it lets me be cozy and warm while still looking cute.

  27. Paisley Wainwright avatar
    Paisley Wainwright

    I voted! The most favourite thing I got in 2014 was a humongous PomPomPurin plushie which is super soft~

  28. Natalie Y. avatar
    Natalie Y.

    I voted! My favorite kawaii item I got was a little black bag with cat ears, I love cats! :D

  29. Sammy c avatar
    Sammy c

    I VOTED ! My favourite Kawaii item I bought was a tofu alpaca keyring :)

  30. Danielle Sauers avatar
    Danielle Sauers

    I voted! My favorite Kawaii item I bought this year as an alpacasso plush!

  31. Rebecca Jones avatar
    Rebecca Jones

    I voted & my favourite kawaii item this year, as a small pink alpaca keyring. It seriously has the sweetest face in the world, makes me want to squeal just looking at it :)

  32. Charlotte avatar

    I voted! My favourite kawaii item I bought this year was my cuddly Luna or any cuddly toy I bought really they are adorable.

  33. Mo avatar

    I voted! My favorite kawaii item that I bought during 2014 was my alpacasso keychains. I’m using them as zipper pulls on my school bag.

  34. Mystry avatar

    I voted!! There aren’t any in-store kawaii places in my area, so had to skip that one. /:
    My favorite kawaii purchase for 2014 was my white, fuzzy cat ears hat for winter! ^-^

  35. Victoria D avatar
    Victoria D

    I VOTED!

    My favourite kawaii item I got his year was my alpaca to do list sticky notes from tofu cute because they are adorable !!

  36. Tara Taylor avatar
    Tara Taylor

    I VOTED. My favorites are the plushies.

  37. Raine DeDominici avatar
    Raine DeDominici

    I VOTED!!
    My favorite kawaii purchase this year was my Dumbo Tsum Tsum plush!

  38. Beth Perry avatar
    Beth Perry

    I voted!
    my favorite kawaii item I received this year was an small Alpacasso plush with a scarf which was gifted to me for my birthday ^^

  39. Louise Palmer avatar
    Louise Palmer

    1. I VOTED – that was a lotta fun :D
    2. My favourite kawaii item has got to be my Stellina Unicorno plushie by Tokidoki. She’s fab, she’s magical and she’s a unicorn! :D

  40. Sandra avatar

    I voted!
    I got an awesome kawaiibox <3 Loving all those items really

  41. Ashley (PiqueintheBox) avatar
    Ashley (PiqueintheBox)

    I voted!!! My favorite kawaii gift last year was the Q Box – LOVED everything in it!! :D Thanks for the giveaway! xo

  42. Wehaf avatar

    I voted! I love my hamster stationery from the bubbledog etsy shop.

  43. Sophie avatar

    I think it’s really awesome that you have this voting for the Kawaii culture every year. I just voted and really liked the questions you implemented and the fact that we have the freedom to really choose are favorite kawaii bloggers without having to choose specific ones from a drop down the same thing goes for the other questions I like that liberty that we are granted.

    My favorite Kawaii item that I was gifted in 2014 was the Mamegoma clear plastic purse my Husband gifted me in the beginning of the year for Valentine’s Day.

  44. Mayor avatar

    I voted! My favorite purchase was a keychain Attack on Titan alpacasso, it is tiny and adorable and ahhh! <3

  45. Ashley avatar

    I VOTED!! My favorite kawaii purchase of 2014 was a Pusheen plushie, patch and key chain from Hey Chickadee! ^.^

  46. teresa workman avatar
    teresa workman

    I VOTED and i got a pusheen plushie and its so kawaii

  47. Heather O Gorman avatar
    Heather O Gorman

    I voted!

    The most kawaii item I bought this year was my Angelic Pretty dress!

  48. Becka avatar

    I VOTED! I got lots of kawaii stuff this year but my favorite has to be the smiling spork necklace! It’s so cute and happy!

  49. Michaela avatar

    I voted! My favorite kawaii item this year was a gift – The cutest gosh darn Pusheen calendar you ever did see. It even came with stickers!

  50. Kelly avatar

    I Voted.
    My favorite Kawaii thingbi got was a pusheen keychain

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