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Future Kawaii – Kapibarasan

Posted on March 16, 2010 by

One the funniest new characters we discovered on our last trip to Japan was Kapibarasan, a kawaii Capybara. He wasn’t available on much then but these days he’s all over everything. Let’s take a look at what crazy stuff is coming to shops soon.

I never had any need for a tissue box cover until I discovered kawaii. I could be tempted to ditch my Totoro one for this!

Keep your make-up or other bits and pieces in these sweet cake-themed pouches.

Kapibarasan fans! These are pretty much adorable, and useful too!

I have no idea what’s going on with this but I really kind of want a Kapibarasan with a bunny on his head.

And finally, kapibarasan cake charms! I want a real one!

* * *

Future Kawaii is a peek into wholesale Japanese kawaii catalogues – these products should be available to buy in the next month or two but we don’t where they might be stocked. Try  our list of The Best Kawaii Shops Worldwide.

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