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Posted on August 3, 2009 by


Aww! I spotted these adorable kitty egg candles by Kitty Baby Lover on Etsy  and had to feature them. And then I wondered if there were any other cute candles available on the interweb. Turns out there are!


Decole really never let you down with the cute. These candles are made of a clear gel with coloured sand and you end up with a little toy at the end. Amazing. They have pear scent as well, nom nom. Available from Japanese Gift Market.


Tiny mushrooms on sticks! If I got a cake with these on I would probably cry tears of kawaii. Available from Japanese Zakka, and they have strawberries and sweets versiona too!


This little turtle candle is handmade by kokocandles and would look so sweet outside at night.


And, of course, there had to be a cupcake! These ones by Sprinkles are the cutest I could find – the cherry stalk as wick is just perfect. They seem to be widely available – Wonderful Wedding Favors has them in stock right now.

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