No Jokes! We’re Guest Curators on Etsy!

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So, you’d be forgiven for thinking we would come up with some fiendishly hilarious (but cute!) April Fools antics but actually we’re too excited about being Guest Curators on Etsy‘s blog The Storque today! I really love the timing :)


Obviously we’re huge fans of Etsy – it can always be relied upon for the cutest in handmade and so we’ve picked some of our favourites. Believe me, we could have picked ten times as many!

I hope you enjoy the article, and we’d like to offer a friendly hello to our new visitors. Welcome to the cutest blog on the interweb!

Updated 2020: The original article is long gone but we’ve reposted it here if you’d like to see our picks.

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  1. Chanel avatar

    Great curation!

  2. MayaBella avatar

    Hey! That is so great. I found you there and I am so happy. There are soooo many cutie pie things here I cant stand it!

  3. Aly avatar

    So cute! I enjoyed the article on etsy and all the fun links! Love your blog.

  4. LushPunk avatar

    I was (and still am!!) so happy to see an article on Kawaii in Etsy’s blog – great job guys, and it really opened me up to more great kawaii stuff (I kinda only thought of it from a mainly jewellery point cos that’s what I’m into)!


    ♥ Eden

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