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This was originally published on The Storque, Etsy’s blog, on April 1, 2009. They now have a new blog so we’ve saved the post here for posterity.

Super Cute Kawaii is a blog of daily cute picks, featuring the most kawaii products in Japan, as well as the cute handmade things they inspire. Marceline (aka askingfortrouble the bunny) and Claire (aka misofunky the panda) dreamed up the idea when they worked together at a boring internet company in Glasgow, Scotland, but finally got going after a frenzied kawaii shopping holiday together in Bangkok.

We love everything cute at Super Cute Kawaii, but we’re slightly biased towards that particular brand of kawaii inspired by the Japanese. We’ve picked some of our favourite super cute and kawaii things on Etsy to share with you.


Japan has given us many wonders, but amigurumi toys must be one of the greatest. berrysprite‘s cute creations always make me squeal, and I’m especially fond of this caterpillar, as insects don’t get that much kawaii love. By berrysprite, $12.

small bunny vase

I love bunnies (of course), and this ceramic bunny vase by prettyrandomobjects is an adorable way to display my flowers. I say that with confidence, as I’m lucky enough to own one! By prettyrandomobjects, $48.

My Cardboard Life

Zines are possibly my favourite things in the world. There’s one for every subject under the sun and I love looking back through my collection. Zines can be cute too, like My Cardboard Life, a hilarious set of comic strips. By thejuzzard, $13.

A Little Change Gocco Mini Print

Having studied printmaking, I was delighted to discover the Print Gocco. It’s very easy to fall under the spell of this clever Japanese printing machine. There are many, many talented gocco artists on Etsy, but my absolute favourite is ArgyleWhale, whose mix of the cute and the absurd never fails to tickle me. By ArgyleWhale, $8.

 Legend of Zelda-inspired prints

My own interest in Japan stemmed from video games, and my love for Nintendo is still very strong. I adore these Legend of Zelda-inspired prints. The artist has somehow managed to make Link even cuter than in his Wind Waker adventures. By Fort Awesome Studios, $21.

hand printed fabric

Last time I visited Tokyo, I came home with armloads of kawaii fabric featuring every cute character imaginable. For a more personal touch, I also love hand printed fabric. MJkido’s fabric designs are all lovely, but the forest print is super cute too. By MJkido, $13.50.

Sid the Dancing Cat

The Super Cute Kawaii team is happily based in Glasgow, where we’re just two of the many cute and crafty folks in town. Covetables is one of the cutest, and her plush toys are always a happy sight at the local craft fairs. By Covetables, $20.

Claire’s picks:

Oval Fame Deer Silk Screened Wall Art

MagicalPonyFarm have got it all: bright colours, cute designs and a great variety of animals in various kawaii poses. This little framed deer would look sweet on the wall of my panda enclosure! By MagicalPonyFarm, $18.

Miss Coconut Bun

It’s tough to narrow down my favourite type of kawaii, but food with faces is definitely in the top three. It’s a regular feature over at Super Cute Kawaii from all of us. Cutesypoo is one of the best purveyors of this style of cute, and these coconut buns are a fine example of the neat work that Jocelan produces. By Cutesypoo, $20.

Art for the walls of my enclosure tops my list of home improvements right now. I’ve been coveting this print by Laura George for a while. The little creatures are not only cute, but they really evoke a peaceful feeling just looking at them. Just the thing for a busy panda! By laurageorge, $20.

cloud - pocket mirror

OK, so it’s not just food with faces — pretty much any inanimate object with a face does it for us. inkjet‘s little mirrors allow you to take the kawaii with you anywhere you go!  I also love the coasters, especially the cafe latte ones. By inkjet, $5.

Tea Ceremony - Original Painting 5x5

botodesigns is one of my favourite Etsy sellers, and it is really hard to narrow it down to one piece that I find the cutest. Robots are another one of my top kawaii picks, so this geisha and robot painting is perfect for me. Chen’s Etsy shop is stuffed to the gills with cute art. By botodesigns, $80.

Nights At The Circus - Charles

loulouandoscar‘s Nights At The Circus is so sweet it makes me want to weep, just a little! Charlie the cat is an owl tamer, and also the owner of possibly the finest embroidered mustache ever.  He’s a perfect gift for yourself or a special person. By loulouandoscar, $27.

Little Tooth Pin Badge

It’s always great to find a super-kawaii item on Etsy and then find that they’re quite local to you.  ladysnail has a really cute style to her illustrations-turned-brooches, like these teeth (not to mention at such a great price). They are irresistible. By ladysnail, $1.50.

Thanks so much for letting us share our favourites – we post our cute finds daily on Super Cute Kawaii, so come by and say hello.

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