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Posted on December 4, 2008 by

As I have said a million times before, there is NOTHING the Japanese cannot make cute and amazing. Take diaries – in the UK they are deadly dull, enlivened only by a map of the London Underground and possibly the phases of the moon. In Japan, they call them schedule books and every page is decorated with cute illustrations. Sometimes you even get little stickers to mark down your birthday and other dates of supreme importance. I have a very cute schedule book just now which is so amazing it started all the way back in September 2007 and still has a few months left. I want a new one though!

I went straight to Aranzi Aronzo and then wished I hadn’t as their New Year stuff is all wonderful. I couldn’t decide which of their schedule books was the cutest so here is a picture of them all. Bunnies AND pandas!

Shinzi Katoh makes the most delightfully whimsical products on Earth and this schedule book is just that. So cute inside as well!

JList has a great selection of schedule books & calendars including Ghibli designs with lovely fabric covers. Totoro will always be my favourite and this one would make me very happy indeed.

How sweet is this?! It’s not exactly how I remember the tale of Little Red Riding Hood but what story can’t be improved by adding a cute bunny? Available from Japan Kawaii Ya on Etsy.

Lastly, Panda-san has been on the phone to the kawaii merchants of Japan and has a stack of cute schedule books on hand including this amazing bunny design. Blub! Find them in the Super Cute Kawaii shop.

Updated 2020: see our Stationery & Journaling section for where to find schedule books, diaries and planners for the current year.

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    December 4, 2008 at 3:55 pm

    awesome! i’ve always wanted to order a schedule book but was too scared because i’m a really neat, organized person and a perfectionist and i need my schedule books/diaries a certain way but stores never show the INSIDE of the books, which i think is the most important part. now that i know how they look like inside, i can finally buy one. thanks!

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    December 4, 2008 at 5:41 pm

    I need a new schedule book too! Mine has made me happy all year whenever i consult it – its good to get a daily dose of cute!

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