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Kawaii Calendars For 2009

Posted on December 10, 2008 by

Phew, I managed not to type Kawaii Kalendars. This post is brought to you after I saw the Aranzi Aronzo calendar, a thing so amazing that I made a series of high-pitched squeaking sounds that only bunnies and puppies could hear. AAAAAAAAAAAH. I could watch that animated gif for hours.

If you are insane and would prefer something else, then here’s some more kawaii calendars that are almost as good.

Not only is this Matryoshka Calendar cute but it’s actually a set of stickers so you can stick them on your notebook, or phone or whatever and always be up to date. Clever! It’s available from Origamichan on Etsy.

This Cute Food Calendar by Nashiil on Zazzle is just that – 12 months of drawings of cute food. I do love these gumballs. GUMBALLS. Great word.

Wow, it’s been at least ten posts since we got over-excited about Domo-kun. Thankfully, he has a new calendar so you can enjoy his big mouth all through the year!  Get it from Giant Robot.

Finally, for the awwww-factor, ShopKawaii has Mamegoma’s super-cute calendar featuring the little seals bouncing around on clouds and rainbows all dressed up as bunnies and squirrels and ducks and..and.. *bursts into tears*.

If you’re reading this in the future, have a look at more kawaii calendars for the current year.

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