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I’ve seen a LOT of cute stuff in my time but I’ve never been quite so flabbergasted as when perusing the stock of It’s almost like being back at Kiddyland in Japan and running round the San-X floor going AAAAAAAAAAAH! Since there are literally 7 million things in the shop, I couldn’t possibly pick favourites, so instead I have picked 5 of the most unbelievable things, in all meanings of the word.

Speaking of Kiddyland, they had these Mamegoma mittens there and it was so tempting to buy them. However, reality soon sets in when you realise there’s no way you could actually wear them outside without causing a major traffic incident. At least I got to wear them in the shop though!

Monokuro Boo TABLE anyone? This is just insane, but also cute.

Okay, this Hannari Tofu pencil case is just unbelievably cute, rather than unbelievable. Siamese twin tofu! It’s almost worth going back to school for.

I’ve always been a big fan of Nyan Nyan Nyanko, the cat who likes to pretend she’s food. Well, who doesn’t? Here she is pretending to be a loaf of banana bread, except WAIT! Turn her inside out and she’s A BANANA! Words fail me.

Okay, last up is this amazing anniversary plush of Rilakkuma who is not only dressed as a king, but is holding a plush cake in the shape of Korilakkuma. Who doesn’t look entirely pleased to be a cake, I have to say.

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