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Sweet Easter Recipes

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Easter is almost here, so that means lots of recipes featuring cute little baby animals and many that give you a variety of ways to use up any egg shaped chocolates that the Easter bunny may have delivered. Also, little fluffy yellow chicks are a necessity for decorating most of these!

cute easter recipes

The watercolour design on these Easter Bunny cookies from Martha Stewart is lovely and so simple to achieve. You can use any colour of lustre dust you like, mix it with water, and paint on icing to your hearts content.

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Now this recipe involves patience, excellent piping skills and a lot of time, but these chick and bunny 3d meringues from Sugarbean are so adorable. If you think you’re up for the challenge you should definitely give them a try.

cute easter recipes

If you’ve over indulged with the chocolate then this bunny cake from Luxe and the Lady is the perfect antidote. It’s plant based and fairly healthy AND it looks like Pusheen, so it’s a win win.

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Preppy Kitchen takes me back to my childhood with these Easter nest cookies. While the nest is made with coconut and buttercream, unlike the shredded wheat and melted chocolate I used to use, they’re filled with speckled eggs and look just like a miniature birds nest.

cute easter recipes

These Easter egg brownies from BBC Good Food seem like the perfect way to use those chocolate eggs. You can use any kind really but a mixture of filled ones and plain chocolate ones look good on here.

gluten free easter recipes

I love Becky Excell’s gluten-free recipes, so if you need an alternative one for Easter egg topped brownies, then she has one. But, she also has them for Easter egg cookies and Easter egg cupcakes, among many others, too.

Happy Easter and springtime everyone!

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