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Cute Charm Bracelets

Posted on January 19, 2024 by

Whether it’s due to their timeless nostalgia or undeniably cute appeal, charm bracelets have slowly started to make a comeback as an everyday kawaii accessory. If you’re eager to jump in (or never lost the hype), then check out these picks.

dinosaur charm bracelets

Fossil fans will find delight in this dinosaur charm bracelet from ButtonBraids (UK). There are also other themed bracelets available if jungle animals or sea creatures are more your thing.

kawaii food charm bracelets

This quirky Thai food charm bracelet is making me miss Thailand so badly, including their cuisine. Gokudera (TH) also serves many other yummy food-themed bracelets, from breakfast, desserts, and even more Thai food.

kawaii food charm bracelets

Similarly, mimemomall-hk (HK)’s Hong Kong-style bread charm bracelet makes me recall fond memories from my travels, including the smell of freshly baked egg tarts. You also have an option to swap out charms with other breads as you like.

kawaii charm bracelets

Show how much you love your feline friends with this cat charm bracelet from timbeelo (HK). There are other kitschy cute bracelets available as well, from toys to Alice in Wonderland.

CHARM IT (US) has a number of collections and collaborations with well-loved characters, such as Barbie and Hello Kitty. Their Valentine’s day collection is filled with adorable accessories, with my favorites in particular being this gold and pastel hearts stretch bead bracelet and macaron buddies charm.

kawaii food charm bracelets

Lastly, create your own scented charm bracelet with Tiny Hands (US) using charms that smell just like what they look! From savory options like bacon and pizza to sweet treats like cakes and cookies, there’s definitely a wide array for you to choose from.

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    January 19, 2024 at 7:12 pm

    Omg they all look so cute! so hard to decide on a favorite •^•

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    January 22, 2024 at 8:25 pm

    oh man, those first two especially grab me! a nice accessory to make a comeback, they have so much character.

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