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TokyoTreat Christmas Snacktacular Subscription Box Review

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TokyoTreat kindly sent over their newest subscription box filled with limited edition, exclusive and seasonal sweet treats and savoury snacks from Japan.

TokyoTreat Christmas Subscription Box Review

For December 2023, the theme is Christmas Snacktacular and the box is filled with Christmas themed snacks and seasonal flavours, like strawberry. This was my first time trying a snack subscription box like this, so I was very excited and curious to see what I’d be getting inside… and obviously to see what flavour KitKats I would be getting too! This is the current box which can still be ordered until December 15th so only read on if you’re okay with seeing everything inside.

TokyoTreat Christmas Subscription Box Review

The box is jam-packed with snacks and I honestly was so surprised when I kept taking things out and still hadn’t reached the end! Here’s what was included: KitKat Strawberry Chocolate Cake, Christmas Kokutou Donut, Christmas Cake Gummies, Christmas Crunch Mix, Premium Ghana Chocolate Caramel, Christmas Pizza Corn Snacks, Pure Potato Truffle & Rock Salt crisps, Calpis Soda, Snow Sugar Karinto, Snowball Marshmallow (with bean paste), Streamer Marshmallow Stick, Spicy Kitakata Ramen, Don Don Yaki Tonkatsu Sauce, Chocolate Candy Cane (candy-coated chocolate balls in a cane shaped container),  and Sour Cream Potato Crackers

I thought I’d share a few of my favourite items to give you an idea of what types of snacks you can expect to receive.

Japanese KitKat flavours are always a hit and the Strawberry Chocolate Cake KitKats included this month were no exception. The chocolate was rich and reflected the gateau flavour it was supposed to represent and the hint of strawberry was subtle but made a huge difference to the flavour profile. Super delicious and not too sweet either, plus you get a bag of 10 individually wrapped mini KitKats so they can easily be shared with friends as a Christmas treat.

TokyoTreat Christmas Subscription Box Review

I’m not a huge fan of sour cream, but I have to tell you that the Sour Cream Potato Crackers were absolutely delicious. They were so buttery and literally melted in your mouth with a sweet sour cream edge. The Premium Ghana Chocolate Caramel come as individually wrapped pieces, meaning they are perfect for sharing (or rationing yourself). Two layers of a semi-sweet chocolate and salted caramel make for a really creamy square of chocolate. I thought it tasted more of English toffee or vanilla fudge than salted caramel, but I really enjoyed these.

The strawberry flavoured Christmas Cake Gummies were yummy too and I loved that you could arrange the little gummie slices into a cake shape. Also, the Christmas Kokutou Donut, while not being hugely aesthetic, was actually delicious and you could really taste the black sugar that flavoured it.

TokyoTreat Christmas Subscription Box Review

The Pure Potato Truffle & Rock Salt crisps were thick cut, crispy and full of flavour. I didn’t think that the truffle was overpowering, as it sometimes can be, but you can definitely taste it. One of the benefits of a box is that you can try products and flavours you might never have thought to before. I was massively surprised that I enjoyed the Calpis Soda drink that was included as I’d always avoided it before. It’s described as a ‘milk-based soda’ and as a bit of a milk hater it had never appealed, but I really enjoyed it and I’m happy to report that it did not taste like milk.

TokyoTreat Christmas Subscription Box Review

I love that they include instant ramen noodles and to warm us up this month it was Spicy Kitakata Ramen. While I’m too much of a spice wimp to eat the whole bowl, I really loved the texture of the noodles in this pack and wished I could eat more!

TokyoTreat Christmas Subscription Box Review

The rest of the snacks were also great and I like that TokyoTreat give a really good balance of salty and sweet treats. The guide explains the important ingredients in each item including allergy information and gives you an idea of what to expect. In this specific box 10 out of the 15 items were suitable for vegetarians, but it was a bit harder to find things for those who are gluten-free as the majority of items contained wheat or possible traces of.

TokyoTreat Christmas Subscription Box Review

The guide isn’t just about the items in the box though, it also include pages of fun facts about Christmas in Japan so that you can learn a bit more about how it’s celebrated. You can find out about the popularity of eating KFC on Christmas Day and the perfect date night ideas for Christmas Eve.

TokyoTreat Christmas Subscription Box Review

Overall I think this box is perfect for tucking into while decorating the tree or for gifting to friends and family as a little taster of Japan. You can get it as a subscription, but also as a single box to try it out.

Subscribe now with $5 off!

You can get this Christmas Snacktacular box if you subscribe to TokyoTreat before December 15th, or Sakuraco has a Holidays in Hokkaido theme with winter treats and a handcrafted Indigo Yuzen dish – see our photos. Both boxes cost $37.50 (£31) per month, with free tracked shipping worldwide from Japan, and there are further discounts if you subscribe for a block of 3, 6 or 12 months. A gift option is also available for both.

Use code SUPERCUTEKAWAII to receive $5 off for your first TokyoTreat and Sakuraco boxes!

(Box was provided by TokyoTreat for review but all words and photographs are my own.)

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