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Cute Trash Animals Stickers

Posted on January 26, 2023 by

Can I offer you an abundance of cute trash animal stickers in this trying time?

cute raccoon stickers

This raccoon sticker set from Kitty Martel (UK) inspired this post. I love Kitty’s art style, you should definitely check out the rest of their shop.

cute opossum stickers

This Skating Opossum sticker from Gremren (AU) is super cute!

cute raccoons stickers

These cute raccoons sticker pack from gracesspaceshop (UK) feature raccoons with the cutest outfits. I especially like the one with the bonnet.

cute trash animal stickers

Natalie Rosalinda (US) has this trash animals sticker sheet. The baby possums are adorable!

cute trash animal stickers

As someone who will try to pet anything furry, I love these Forbidden Cats stickers from Mossysplashart (UK). The opossum in particular has the cutest facial expression.

cute raccoons stickers

The raccoons on this sticker sheet from brygoat (US) look so fluffy! The one with the tiny peace sign is definitely my favourite.

cute trash animal stickers

This Trash Squad vinyl sticker from FopDoodles (UK) features a raccoon, opossum, and a skunk, which are all very cute, and a little feral.

cute possum stickers

I really like this Possums in a Teacup Sticker from Acorn and Chipmunk (CAN), it’s a particularly cute concept.

Please do not be encouraged to go pet any raccoons!

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