Cute Halloween Desserts To Make

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It’s almost Halloween again and I have got some more fabulously spooky treat ideas for you to celebrate with.

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These pumpkin mochi from Red House Spice are perfect for anytime during the autumn season, not just Halloween, so if you don’t want to go ‘full on’ spooky these are a great option.

Halloween mochi recipe

If you don’t think you can commit to making mochi yourself, then pick up some ready made ice cream mochi and decorate them as kawaii monsters, just like Luxe and the Lady. Who knew monsters could be so cute!

Halloween cake recipe

If you’re planning a Halloween party, then this ghost cheesecake from BBC Good Food would be an amazing centrepiece to your spooky spread.

Halloween rice krispie treats recipe

This recipe for Halloween rice krispie treats is very versatile, as you have the option to make your own or use pre-made and just add the decorations. Chelsea’s decoration options themselves are also numerable, so you could just create all spiders and cobwebs, or go crazy with a variety of creepy characters.

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Another recipe that allows for your choice of character are these mini Halloween cakes from Kawaii Sweet World. I love the addition of sprinkles that she uses for their little blushing cheeks.

Halloween cupcakes recipe

These eyeball cupcakes from Wilton would be a great choice for sharing with your friends and colleagues at work or school. I love the bright pop of colour in the icing (which you could alter for different colour schemes) and then the large candy eyeballs allow them to be Halloween themed without you needing to have a steady hand or major cake decorating skills.

Check out my post from last year for even more Halloween recipes, and have a spooktacular Halloween everyone!

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