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Did you know baby bats are called pups? Here are some bat picks to buy or make that are almost as cute as baby bats!

Halloween bat plush

New from Jellycat is this Jellycat Wrapabat. (UK/US) He’s super velvety, and his wings wrap around him like a cape. The perfect spooky season companion!

Halloween bat crochet patterns

If you’d like to make your own cute bat plush, you’ll like this ghost bat crochet kit from Toft. (UK) It’s crocheted, and used lots of loop stitch so it’s really soft. Ghost bats are also known as ‘false vampire bats’, so it’s perfect for Halloween.

Halloween bat magnets

This wooden magnet from Marcie Illustration (UK) is so cute! I really like their art style.

Halloween bat stickers

This inky bat vinyl sticker Taylor Rae Arihia Art (AU) is a design created two Inktobers ago. The artist has lots of beautiful floral illustrations in their shop too.

Halloween bat embroidery pattern

If you’re a sewist, this bat moon embroidery sampler kit by littledear (US) is perfect for you! You can also buy it as a pdf pattern.

Halloween bat hoodie

I love this Demon Bat hoodie by Exoumbra Clothing (UK). It has bat ears and wings! It’s super warm and soft, so perfect for Autumn. They specialise in plus size clothing, which makes me super happy.

Halloween bat keychain

Sophie Heywood (UK) has lots of bat items in their shop, but this bumblebee bat keychain is my favourite. It’s made with recycled acrylic, and this listing is for seconds. The way they draw bats is so cute!

Lastly, did you know that over 200 bat species are endangered world wide? Please consider donating to a charity that protects bats, like the Bat Conservation Trust.

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  1. Suzanne avatar

    I love bats, these are some great choices! Conservation wise, bat houses are another way to help local populations, like a bird house, but for bats!

    1. Gabriel avatar

      Ooo thank you!! I’m going to look into building one! Thank you!!

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