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Autumn & Fall Journaling Inspiration

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Autumn has arrived and I can feel the temperature starting to drop. That means it’s time for walks through the leaves and hot chocolate by the fire. Obviously these activities need to be journaled about, so here are a few themed journal spreads for the upcoming season.

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This spread by art and bujos is beautifully simple and only requires three colours. If you like to keep your spreads minimal then this leafy one is perfect for you.

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If you love to draw then you should definitely try out this busy spread from AmandaRachLee. It’s packed with doodles of pumpkins, autumn clothing and mugs of tea.

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For more doodle inspiration check out this autumnal Draw With Me from Art n Foxes.

Autumn Themed Bullet Journal Spreads - hubman.chubgirl.stationery

While this spread by Pecca from @hubman.chubgirl.stationery also has a lot of doodles, I love her use of washi tape along both borders to represent the colours of autumn instead of using them within the doodles themselves.

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This cottage core theme from mochibujo is great for those of you who like a collage on your cover page or even to use your journal as a bit of a mood board. The way they layer paper, tape, drawings and colours, really sets the tone for the month. Remember, if art isn’t your thing, you can always use printables in your journal instead.

Autumn Themed Bullet Journal Spreads - coldbujo

Another gorgeous spread that incorporates other materials, tapes and printed pictures is this one from Viki from @coldbujo. It looks so cosy and inviting!

Autumn Themed Bullet Journal Spreads - lacqueredworld

I love the yellow into orange ombre effect on the autumn leaves and lettering in @lacqueredworld’s spread. They look so bright and fiery which I think brings a lot of life to the page.

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Lastly I’ve chosen Rainbowholic, whose Journal With Me is the perfect accompaniment to your own journalling sessions. Pop this on for a peaceful half an hour while you create your own spread for next month.

fall autumn journaling prompts

Kaila’s Kawaii Journaling community also have a new set of Autumn journaling prompts to get you inspired.

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