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Moomins For Your Home & Kitchen

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The Moomins are such beloved popular characters and I’m sure we’d all love a little bit of Moomin in our homes.

Moominhouse jar

Moominhouse is probably one of the most iconic things from the Moomin stories and media and now you can have one of your own in the shape of a beautiful glass jar at Truffle Shuffle (UK). You could keep your biscuits or other dried food in here, or fill it with fairy lights as a more decorative piece.

Moomins cushion

The gorgeous artwork from the original books are printed on many products, but this one of the Moomins in the sea on a cushion at Moomin Shop (UK) would make the most stunning addition to your sofa.

Moomins tea light holder

I know we all love to light candles and tea lights during autumn and winter and this rotary tea light holder at Nordic Nest (EU) adds a bit more interest than your normal candle holder.

Moomins eco cup

These thermal eco cups at House of Disaster (UK) are great for your everyday coffee, summer picnics or for keeping your hot chocolate, or mulled wine, warm in winter.

Moomins pet bowls

Moomin products aren’t just for the human members of your house. These pet bowls at Truffle Shuffle (UK) come in a few different sizes for all of your feline and canine friends.

Moomins kitchen

Add a little bit of Moomin art to your kitchen with this dinner party illustration pot holder from Finnish company Finlayson (EU), whose products can also be found at the Moomin Shop (UK).

Moomins milk pan

The Moomin Shop in Japan (requires forwarding service) has some incredibly unique pieces that you can’t find anywhere else, especially items from the Moominvalley Park in Saitama. One item I hadn’t seen before was this cute little milk pan featuring the fan favourite character, Little My.

Moomins mug

Oxfam (UK) always has a great selection of Moomin products, so if you want to support the charity while making your purchases then why not pick up a classic Moomin mug for your morning cup of tea.

Moomins water bottles

Muurla (EU) is a Finnish company that often collaborates with Moomin for their homeware products. They make these lovely bottles that are perfect for picnics, storing homemade juices, or just keeping water cold in the fridge. You can also find Muurla in the Moomin Shop (UK).

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