Amazing Artists at Hyper Japan 2022

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While I was at Hyper Japan I discovered so many great artists and creators that I couldn’t wait to share with you all. Just to note that almost all of these shops are UK based, but most ship worldwide.

Cute Artists

artists at Hyper Japan 2022

Jess Was Here – The way Jess draws animals makes me smile so much. Her use of pastel colours give so much life and joy to penguins with backpacks, dancing racoons and capybaras bathing with oranges.

artists at Hyper Japan 2022

Pin and Ink – As well as pins, Rozie creates the cutest designs for sticker sheets and washi tape that are perfect for journaling or planners. I just love her little ‘ghosts of forgotten things’ and the Halloween chickens.

artists at Hyper Japan 2022

Citrus Sapling – Ruth’s watercolour designs are so bright and colourful that they immediately made me go in for a closer look. I wish I could’ve bought lots of her postcard prints to give to everyone I know as greetings cards, because receiving these in the post would definitely brighten your day.

artists at Hyper Japan 2022

Ellen Stubbings – Whilst all of her original art was so cute, by far my favourite design from Ellen was the Black Cat Appreciation Club tote and sticker sheet. I also love that you can order an adorable custom portrait of your pet from her!

Anime Inspired (but original art too)

Along with the some game stations and general anime stalls at Hyper Japan, there was a lot of anime inspired art. Whilst I enjoyed and purchased so many of these artists’ work, I’ve picked a few to share who have their own original art and character designs alongside their fan art. These artists really caught my eye and kept me going back to their stalls to check out more of their pieces.

artists at Hyper Japan 2022

Lolo Loco – Lolo’s unique monster girl and fantasy art designs are very cute and so is her anime art. Her little anime character button badges drew me to her art style straight away and I ended up purchasing a few My Hero Academia ones for my lanyard whilst at the event.

artists at Hyper Japan 2022

Velvet KT – I love watching Kari’s drawing and time-lapse reels on Instagram and seeing her process from the original line art to the final touches. Her dreamlike style of artwork is gorgeous and while she mainly focuses on Jujutsu Kaisen and Genshin, she also creates beautiful original characters too.

artists at Hyper Japan 2022

Andy the Lemon – The way Andy uses light in her artwork is truly magical (as is the way she draws hair) and I love her style. Whilst she mainly creates a lot of fan art, her original characters are just as gorgeous, including a mythical being in a pool of water and beautiful witches sat on a rooftop. She also curates themed zines that bring different artists’ work into one place.

artists at Hyper Japan 2022

Nogi San – Nogi San is a traditional ink and digital artist and her art is stunning. Her style works perfectly for the traditional Japanese characters in her original pieces and she uses it to showcase characterisation and movement within her fan art, especially with little pops of colour contrasting with the black ink.

That’s all from Hyper Japan this year – you can read about my highlights if you missed it.

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