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Cute Character Bento Inspiration

Posted on June 7, 2022 by

Bento aren’t just for eating; they’re also often made to look like works of art. Here are a few that have been designed to look like our favourite cute characters.

Totoro bento

The Queen of Bento, Little Miss Bento, is responsible for this amazing Totoro design. I love that there’s even a little soot sprite included too.

Sumikko Gurashi bento

Sumikko Gurashi characters are the inspiration behind this bento from @sa3na7an3as. Swipe through the post to check out the bento tools used and even some of the recipes too, if you want to give one a go yourself.

Rilakkuma bento

Rilakkuma is all tucked up asleep, looking very cosy and peaceful, in a little omelette blanket in this design from Bento Monsters.

Miffy bento

I love this rainbow Miffy design from @xaya106x. It’s simple, but so effective! You could change the ingredients to whatever you fancied, while still keeping the bento bright and colourful.

Pikachu bento

I couldn’t do a round up of character themed foods, without including my favourite Pokémon, Pikachu. He’s even dressed as Vulpix, which is just too adorable for words. The recipe from Love at First Bento even includes a template to make this design and their tricks to making it look this good.

Cinnamoroll bento

Cinnamoroll is the centrepiece for this cute bento on the Sanrio blog. I love the inclusion of a bow made from pasta and the little broccoli bush covered in flowers.

Winnie the Pooh bento

Best friends Pooh and Piglet look very happy to be the inspiration behind this design from @momokyaraben. Her page includes a lot of different character bento, so make sure to check some of the others out too!

Do you think you could make one like these? I’d love to give the Miffy one a go!

You can also find more bento ideas and cute character recipes in our Kawaii Food & Drink category.

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