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Happy Birthday Badtz Maru

Posted on April 1, 2022 by

Badtz Maru is one of my favorite Sanrio characters. This punky little penguin is mischievous and fun and is Sanrio’s first “not nice” character. His birthday is on April 1st, which is fitting as it is April Fool’s Day! Let’s celebrate Badtz’s birthday with some fun picks to buy, make and watch.

badtz maru at sanrio USA

You can always find an assortment of kawaii Badtz Maru goods at Sanrio USA, with some new plush, clothing and accessories just added. I especially like the unique mini cassette keychain – the case actually opens. Sanrio Japan (requires forwarding service) have even more cute products that are also available through VeryGoods (JP).

badtz maru free wallpapers

When you’re done shopping, you can download a free Badtz Maru wallpaper or paper craft from the Sanrio Character Goodies page.

Watch on YouTube

Enjoy cute, mini adventures on Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures, where Badtz Maru and his pet alligator Pochi are main players.

Kuromi & Badtz Maru keyrings

If you ship Badtz Maru and Kuromi, like they do on HKFSA, get matching keychains (US) of the two for you and your sweetheart. I love the detailed charms that go with each character, like the XO which is Badtz’s signature (badtz = x, maru = o).

badtz maru squishy

Ease your stress with this characone squishy at Kawaii Panda (EU). I love his expression and he makes the perfect, spiky ice cream cone.and.

Badtz Maru tshirt

You can express your feelings easily by wearing this Badtz Maru Jumbo Print t-shirt from Hot Topic (US). Badtz is pulling his eyelid down in a classic Japanese taunt.

Watch on YouTube

Craft your own Badtz Maru look with this tutorial from coolirpa using a simple black sweatshirt.

Badtz Maru crochet pattern

If you love to crochet, you could make these absolutely adorable amigurumi dolls by Mei Li Lee. It’s a free pattern that you can also find in her book Hello Kitty Crochet (US/UK).

Watch on YouTube

Learn to draw this spiky-haired penguin with this Youtube tutorial from Hello Kitty Crafts.

How will you celebrate Badtz Maru’s 29th year?

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