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Easter Bakes With Cute Animals

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It’s almost Easter weekend and we definitely need to make our Easter tables look even cuter by making our treats look like sweet little baby springtime animals.

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Chicks on cupcakes are, for me, the quintessential Easter treat and these meringue chick cupcakes from Cupcake Jemma are so adorable. Remember that you can always buy cupcakes or even make your favourite recipe (gluten free etc.) to decorate like this.

easter bunny donuts recipe

These bunny doughnuts from Sarah Makes Stuff are probably the easiest on this list – but also some of the cutest! These are a put together and decorate project – no baking involved. This means you can be versatile with what doughnuts you buy for dietary requirements.

Miffy cupcakes recipe

Just because it’s Easter doesn’t mean that we can’t include characters to our line up of treats. One of the most famous little rabbits out there is definitely Miffy. I Am A Food Blog has a recipe for Small Batch Carrot Cupcakes….

Miffy hot cross buns recipe

…while the official Miffy Blog shows you how to make Hot Cross Bunnies to honour her.

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How adorable are these lemon bars from Kawaii Sweet World? Even if you didn’t want these to be Kiirotoiri, you could still decorate these as little yellow chicks and they would be perfect.

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These sheep cupcakes from Preppy Kitchen are amazing for spring. They’re also an easy decoration option as it mainly involves sticking marshmallows on icing – great for those of you who love to bake, but are not into the decorating side of things.

easter bunny cookies recipe

Lastly, we have a bunny biscuit recipe from Woman’s Day that will give you a table full of rainbow bunnies to brighten up your Easter Sunday! Plus, it allows for huge flexibility in terms of the biscuit dough.

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