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Sakura Journaling Inspiration

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Spring is almost here! I am getting very excited seeing all the blossom in the countryside and the sakura beginning to bloom over in Japan. Its beauty is perfect for decorating your journals at this time of year, so I’ve collected some inspiration for next month’s spread.

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Rainbowholic has a number of sakura themed stationary videos from last year, but in one of this year’s Journal With Me videos she mixes sakura with tulips for a classic spring spread. Using her signature collage style, she mixes stickers, stamps, washi tape, paper notes and pens for a fun and busy spread.

JunniSun Studio journaling video
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JunniSun Studio uses watercolour paints for a gorgeous pastel spread with sakura petals and sweets. Even if you’re not quite the artist that she is, you could still give your pages some lovely pink watercolour touches and then pick up some stickers to add any flowers you might want.

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Art and Bujos creates a stunning piece of artwork first, before using at as a monthly title page. Practicing your art before putting your final piece in your journal means you’re not under pressure for it to be perfect the first time round. I also love the use of black paper contrasting with the pink blossom.

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If painting isn’t your thing, then try this simple but effective spread from Milky Sakura using stickers and decorative note paper.

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Mira uses felt tips to make a beautiful avenue of sakura trees on her monthly title page. I like her take on the sakura theme, using the full tree instead of just the flowers.

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I love the fine liner drawing style of Mochi Bujo’s spread mixed with sticker decoration. While the drawings might take a bit of practice, if you’re not keen on sketching, you can use the simple colour scheme with just a few shades of pink running throughout your set up.

For more inspiration, have a look at our Journaling & Planners category and last year’s Sakura Journaling Picks To Buy & DIY post.

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