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Cute Crochet Artists To Follow on Instagram

Posted on March 31, 2022 by

I follow a lot of different Instagram accounts, these are some of the cutest crochet accounts I’ve found.

Cute Crochet Artists - sirpurlgrey

This may actually be my all time favourite crochet account, sirpurlgrey. He posts lots of very cute geeky amigurumis, with characters from Pokémon, anime and this Marina from Animal Crossing. Instagram | Etsy

Cute Crochet Artists - tashs_crochet_cottage

For the most aesthetically pleasing grid, tashs_crochet_cottage is your gal. Her photos are all absolutely gorgeous! One of my favourites of hers is this stingray, I really like the little speckles. Instagram | Etsy

Cute Crochet Artists - crochetknerd

Crochetknerd sells many of her patterns, so you can make your own. I think my favourite has to be these mushroom frogs, they’re very cottagecore. Instagram | Etsy

Cute Crochet Artists - amiguriguri

Amiguriguri’s grid is a pastel daydream. She has lots of animal crossing patterns, like this ribbitoid, which is a frog/gyroid hybrid. Instagram | Etsy

Cute Crochet Artists - curiouspapaya

For very cute reels, curiouspapaya is great! Their lunar new year tiger is so kawaii, and you can get the pattern free when you subscribe to their emails. Instagram | Etsy

Cute Crochet Artists - dallydillydallying

Micro crochet is so stunning. Dallydillydallying has it down to a fine art, I’m very jealous! Her little No Face keychain is so cute. Instagram | Etsy

Cute Crochet Artists - chibiscraft

Chibiscraft specialises in something I’m not sure I’ve seen elsewhere before, reversible amigurumi. It’s amazing! This reversible frog princess makes my little Disney Princess heart happy. Instagram | Etsy

I hope you like these accounts and have found someone new to follow!

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