Where To Buy Sylvanian Families & Calico Critters

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Sylvanian Families, also known as Calico Critters, are a range of adorable flocked figures that originated in Japan in 1985. You might remember them from your childhood, or perhaps you’re just now getting the excitement of an introduction to sylvanians. But where can you find them?

Where To Buy Sylvanian Families & Calico Critters

The most obvious place to find them is, of course, the Sylvanian Families UK Official Online Store (UK) or the Calico Critters (USA) online store. These feature not only an extensive catalogue but also a fun area, with colouring pages, games and videos. You might also be lucky enough to find exclusive products!

Where To Buy Sylvanian Families & Calico Critters

Before I go on to telling you all about some awesome places to find Sylvanians, the best place to buy them is your local toy shop. If it’s safe at the moment for you, go out and support a local business. They may even have a website, like my local toy shop does, Toyland (UK).

Where To Buy Sylvanian Families & Calico Critters

If you’re ever in London, Hamleys (UK) has some amazingly cute dioramas in their toy emporium. You’ll find so many kawaii toys on those shelves, it’s overwhelming! Just so you don’t get lost, Sylvanian Families are found on the second floor, amongst the biggest collection of pink you’ll ever set your eyes on.

Where To Buy Sylvanian Families & Calico Critters

Sylvanian Storekeepers (UK) has not only a website, but a physical store in London too. This shop is definitely worth a visit- they stock many older products that you may no longer find elsewhere. A must for collectors!

Where To Buy Sylvanian Families & Calico Critters

A great place to start your collection is Ebay (worldwide). You’re bound to find a preloved bundle within seconds of searching, for a great price too. For avid collectors, check regularly for vintage critters.

Where To Buy Sylvanian Families & Calico Critters

This last item is a little trickier to find. These are the super cute, but rare, miniature blind boxes. With each box you get a section of a tiny figure and a section of a teeny house. Sylvanian Families Specialty Store (Australia) has some in stock.

Enjoy searching for Sylvanians!

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