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When I was a child, I used to collect unicorns, which was easy back in the 80s. Now as an adult, I am so happy to see that unicorns have made a comeback! I am excited to share with you one of my favorite unicorn collectibles – the Unicorno characters from tokidoki. These figures are detailed, durable, and definitely kawaii!

tokidoki Unicornos - cherry blossom

When I lived in Japan, cherry blossom season was my favorite time of year so the Unicornos in the Cherry Blossom Unicorno Blind Box series make me smile. Many of the Unicorno names are Japanese words – my favorite is Haru (spring) and her baby Harumi (clear weather).

tokidoki Unicornos - bambinos

What is better than getting one Unicorno? Getting two Unicornos! The Bambino Series 1 Blind Box is adorable and my new obsession.

tokidoki Unicornos
Photo by Nova

These are my two favorites – the painting and accessories are incredible. Look at the tiny egg detail on Miso!

tokidoki mermicornos

If you are torn between your love of unicorns and your love of mermaids, tokidoki has got you covered with Mermicornos. My first Unicorno blind box experience was a Mermicorno charm for my bag. These days I really like Mermicorno Blind Box Series 3, which includes a variety of colorful and kawaii Mermicornos that make collecting all 8 so much fun. (Did you catch the Uni-Corno pun? Uni means “sea urchin” in Japanese.)

tokidoki Unicornos - Hello Kitty

You can find a Unicorno to compliment almost any hobby or taste, as tokidoki does many collaborations with other brands. There are sports team Unicornos, Sanrio Unicornos, even horror Unicornos! You can find the perfect Unicorno for yourself as well as your friends.

tokidoki Unicornos - diy blank figure

If you are still having trouble finding just the right Unicorno for you, invent your own design with the DIY Unicorno Blind Box Figure. These white vinyl Unicornos give you a blank canvas to create your perfect accessory.

tokidoki Unicornos - wedding couple

For the romantic at heart, consider this sweet set of Romeo and Juliet Unicornos. Am I the only one picturing these two on top of a wedding cake?

tokidoki Unicornos wallpapers

tokidoki’s website also has a section titled Fun + where you can download free virtual backgrounds, wallpapers, calendars, and coloring pages.

tokidoki Unicornos
Photo by Nova

Haru and baby Harumi currently have the place of honor on my desk. Which Unicorno did you fall in love with?

Where to buy tokidoki and Unicornos

You can find the biggest range of Unicornos at tokidoki (USA) but they’re also available from stockists worldwide including Hot Topic (USA), Box Lunch (USA), Kawaii Panda (EU), Artoyz (EU) and ARTBOX (UK),

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  1. Skylar avatar

    Love the post!:)

    1. Nova avatar

      Thank you! I really loved writing it.

  2. Suzanne avatar

    Big fan of Unicorns!

  3. Lilia avatar

    I love unicornios! I have one called Frutina and I’m so glad you made this post about unicornos because I don’t see a lot of unicornos posts around here. So. Thank you!

  4. Katy avatar

    Love this post! So detailed and great photos!!

  5. Nova avatar

    That’s so kind of you to say and I agree – Unicornos don’t get the recognition they deserve! They are incredibly detailed and the quality is consistent throughout all the series. Fruitina is adorable; I haven’t gotten a transparent one yet – they are so cool.

  6. Nova avatar

    Right?! Every member of my household has at least one. :D

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